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Pair of Watson Bros 20 Bore Side by Sides

Pair of 20bore side by sides

A 20 bore roundbody side by side self openers with 30″ 2 3/4″ chambered barrels with teague chokes.

As you would expect they’ve been stocked with the very best in 15 1/2″ exhibition stocks with heel and toe pieces.

Sold cased with all accessories.



Watson Bros 4 Bore

Designed and made by Watson Bros in our City of London factory.

Gun weighs from 16lb to 22lb depending on the clients barrel length (36″ to 42″) and shot charge. These 4 bores are built as sidelock ejectors with single/double trigger, detachable locks and all conceivable extras.

We make these guns on a commission basis with a build time of approximately 2 years depending on engraving.


The Watson Bros 'Africa' Shotgun

All carved entirely by hand. This rifle was some years in the making and now sits in a private collection.

To commission a gun such as this would cost in excess of £150,000 and carried out exactly to the clients taste.

We now have a .500″ and a .300″ ready to be engraved.

Watson Bros Lefthand Opening High Pheasant

A true lefthand opening high pheasant gun.

Features 32″ barrels with elevated ventilated top rib, 3″ chambers with 3/4″ chokes.

Big forend with pistol grip and highly figured 15″ stock. Carved pheasant with raised lettering and relief engraving in Edwardian scroll.

If so desired the next number is available to make this gun a pair.

Cased with accessories.


For more information or to arrange an appointment

please email or Call 020 7378 9700

Recently Sold

Watson Bros 12 Bore Side by Side Pigeon Gun

Our ever popular pigeon guns guarantee excitement on high pheasant days.

This beautiful piece features 31″ barrels, a big flat top matted rib, third grip, clips, extended beavertail forend and pistol grip stock.

Finished weight of 7 1/2lb

Watson Bros .500 Double Rifle

A .500 nitro express double rifle, sidelock ejector, 26″ barrels with 2 leaf sight.

Bolstered action with third grip. Articulated front trigger stocked with pistol grip and cheek piece.

Engraved with Watson Bros retro design and carved fences.

Finished weight 12lb

Lightweight Roundbody Watson Bros 12 Bore Side by Side

A lightweight gun ideal for partridges with 28″ barrels engraved with our Edwardian scroll design.

Finished weight 6 1/4lb

Watson Bros 12 Bore Over & Under with Special Engraving

Beautiful multi coloured gold scenes completed by the renowned engraved Keith Thomas.