Pre Owned Guns

Pair of Watson Bros 12 Bore

Pre Owned Pair of Watson Bros 12 bore for sale

A pair of lightweight self opening, single trigger guns ideal for grouse/partridge days with 28″  2 3/4″ cased game choked barrels. Stocked with our best exhibition grade wood and round body, coffin shaped actions complimented with Victoriana scroll engraving.

Completed in 2002 these guns have seen very little use and come complete with oak and leather case and accessories.


Purdey 12 Bore Over & Under

J Purdey 12 Bore ou for sale

James Purdey, super deluxe 12 bore over and under. Completed in 2007, made with 28″ barrels, 2 3/4″ chamber. The single triggered action being rounded. Ornately engraved with pheasants, duck, partridge and hare. The action, breech and lever are complimented with the most delicate carving. The more you study this engraving, the more game birds jump out at you – by the master engraver Phillipe Grifnee.

A pistol grip stock measuring 15 1/4″ and a finished weight of 7lb 7oz this best specimen from Purdey’s is also fitted with Teague chokes. Cased with accessories.


Beretta SO10 EELL

28 Bore Over & Under

Beretta SO10 EELL pre owned for sale

The very best from the Beretta over and under range, a rare 28 bore over and under, with their finest engraving, best wood, with the following: 26″ barrels, single trigger, 14 3/4″ stock, weighing a delightful 5lb 4oz.

As to be expected with an SO10, a full leather lined oak case with tools and accessories, featuring a contrasting black cow hide exterior with brushed steel corners.


Luciano Bosis

Bosis Over and Under extra barrels

A 12 bore over and under with very fine small scroll from one of Italy’s finest makers

31″ full choke barrels and 29″ multi choke extra barrels with 14 1/2″ stock, bend 1 1/4″ – 2 1/16″

Complete in a lightweight leather case.


Pair of Boss 20 Bore

pre owned pair of Boss & Co 20 bore side by side for sale

Pair of 20 bore single trigger Boss & Co sidelock ejectors with very rare assisted openers. 27″ 2 3/4″ chamber barrels with 1/2″ left and 1/4″ right choke, small scroll, colour hardened, rounded pistol grip and 15 1/8″ stocks.

Made in the 1950s, fine condition retaining 95% of their colour hardening. Sold in their lightweight original motor case.


Watson Bros 12 Bore Over & Under

A 12 bore over and under roundbody built at our Redcross Way factory. 30″ barrels with 2 3/4″ chambers, 3/8″ and 3/4″ chokes and a 1/4″ tapered filecut top rib. Engraved with beautiful Irene Adler scroll complimenting the roundbody coffin shape.

This finely balanced gun weighs 6lb 11oz making this an ideal game gun. A pistol grip stock with single trigger and comes complete with case and accessories.


Purdey 20 Bore Side by Side

Purdey 20 bore side by side for sale

Classic Purdey 20 bore side by side in very fine condition. 29” perfect condition barrels choked to 1/4” right and 1/2” left chokes. Engraved with small scroll, colour hardened, rare single trigger with pistol grip restocked with new forend to 15” 

This gun was originally made in 1951 and shows no signs of wear. Cased in its original lightweight leather case with accessories. A rare gun indeed. 


Watson Bros 20 Bore Over & Under

With Extra Barrels

Watson Bros 20 Bore with Extra Barrels

A beautiful roundbody over and under engraved with fine traditional small scroll and complimented with case colour hardening.

30″ barrels with 1/2 and 3/4 chokes, 27″ barrels game choked

Highly figured 14 5/8″ p.o.w grip stock with heel and toe pieces.

Finished weight with 30″ barrels 6lb 6oz.

Cased with accessories.


James Purdey Pigeon Gun

12 Bore Over and Under

Preowned James Purdey Pigeon For Sale

Very rare James Purdey 12 bore over and under single trigger Pigeon gun, serial number 27xxx

32″ barrels with a 3/8″ wide elevated ventilated rib, matted top rib with 2 ivory beads and 3/4 chokes.

A beavertail forend balances this high pheasant gun with its 14 3/4″ highly figured pistol grip stock. Finished with deep relief engraving by the master Ken Hunt.

Finished weight of 8lb 9.5oz



Purdey 16 Bore Hammergun


Purdey 16b bar in wood for sale

James Purdey bar-in-wood, 16 bore hammergun from the early 1880s, 2 3/4″ chamber, 29″ perfect damascus barrels with 1/2″ choke both barrels. In extremely good condition, engraved with the finest small rose and scroll, retaining original colour. It’s been restocked with a new forend to the highest standards with a stock length of 15″

Completed in an oak and leather case with tools and accessories.


Holland & Holland 'Royal' 12 Bore

Pre-owned Holland & Holland 'Royal' 12 bore for sale

Holland & Holland Royal, 40000 series gun, made in 1983 with 28″ barrels, 1/2″ left and 1/4″ right chokes, double trigger and large scroll engraving with detachable locks. Stocked to 15 1/4″ and finished weight of 6lb 12oz.

Sold in a lightweight leather case with tools, accessories and canvas outer.


Charles Boswell 8 Bore Hammergun

A big bore gun in rare fine original condition with original 36″ full choke barrels exactly at the proof size.

This gun was the template for our current production of double 8 bore sidelock ejectors.


Army & Navy .410

Army and Navy 410 for sale

A  fine condition .410 non ejector Army & Navy shotgun with 27″ barrels and pistol grip stock measuring 14 1/2″ A very pretty .410 ideal for any walked up day.

Nitro proofed 3″ chambers


Bozard 28 Bore Side by Side

Bozard & Co pre-owned 28 bore side by side for sale

A beautiful petite boxlock ejector from Bozard & Co with delightful fences and best quality fine small scroll. 26″ damascus barrels with fresh steel lined chambers, proofed as such. Double trigger and stocked to 15″ with a finished weight of 4lb 13oz. An ideal gun for a serious 28 bore user.


Charles Lancaster Hammergun

Charles Lancaster Hammergun for sale

A best quality top lever 28 bore hammergun with unusual pretty hammers with best fine scroll. Stocked to 13 1/8″ with 26″ 2 3/4″ sleeved barrels, it has a finished weight of 4lb 15oz.


Henry Atkin

Henry Atkin - cased with accessories

A delightful small scroll double trigger 12 bore, rebarrelled by Boss & Co with 29″ barrels, 15 1/2″ stock, complimented in an oak and leather case. Restored by ourselves.


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Recently Sold

Watson Bros Pheasant Gun

12 Bore Over & Under

The Pheasant.

A 12 bore roundbody over and under with 29″ barrels, 3/4″ choked and 2 3/4″ chambers.

Features beautiful midnight forest deep engraving. Adorned with carved pheasants, pierced lever and trigger bow.

This gun would settle for no less than exhibition wood with semi-pistol grip and single trigger.

Finished weight of 6lb 12oz. Beautifully presented in a presentation french blocked oak and leather case with tools and accessories. 

Holland & Holland Hammergun

A pretty Holland & Holland hammergun with top lever and island locks.

This gun is in very fine condition and worthy of our sympathetic restoration which included refitting in its Holland and holland case.

Pair of Watson Bros 20/28 Bore

Over and Unders

A pair of 20 bore 28″ barrels roundbody over and under shotguns with extra 28 bore 28″ extra barrels.

Specially engraved by Martin Smith with an English country garden complete with hidden creatures.

E.M. Reilly Hammergun

Reilly is a renown name amongst hammergun enthusiasts and this is an absolute beauty of a sidelever hammergun which we have spared no expense in restoring to its best glory. When it came to us the quality was all their, the clean 30″ Damascus barrels measure up with a minimum .032″ with a crisp action.

We have now restocked and fitted a new forend this gun with the best quality wood that would befit the period with modern measurements because we felt the gun was worth it. Complete in its original oak and leather case, it simply can’t be beat.

Watson Bros .410 Boxlock

Watson Bros .410 boxlock

A heavy relief engraved with carved fences Watson Bros .410 boxlock ejector.

25″ barrels, nitro proofed to 2 3/4″ and manufactured in 1935.

Boss & Co Over and Under

A pristine Boss Over and Under. This is the last gun sold from the Dover St address.

A 20 bore over under with 28″ barrels game choked and weighing 6lb 2 oz. Gamescene engraved with large leaf pattern by Pedretti.

The gun is complemented with its original oak and Leather case with canvas outer.

Supplied new to our client this gun comes complete with all its provenance.

Watson Bros .410 Hammergun

After Undergoing Restoration

Fully restored Watson Bros .410

Manufactured in 1907 this little beauty underwent months of sympathetic restoration. It was restocked and forend with the best walnut befitting the period of the gun, 28′ barrels and engraving enhanced with the name highlighted in gold.