Watson Bros. guns are made almost entirely by hand insuring individually and attention to detail, which no machine can equal.

At Watson Bros Gunmakers our objective is to create our mixture of art with our extensive knowledge of gunmaking to bring you this special blend of craftsmanship that you can admire in the field and gunroom. We specialise in innovation and design, manufacturing our eclectic range of guns in our Tower of London premises where we train the best craftsmen to hand make the very best styled guns. From our unique double barrel four bore sidelock ejector, hammer ejectors  to our registered design roundbody over and under, featured in an exhibition at the V&A museum.

All Watson Bros. shotguns and rifles are man made in the City of London by craftsmen, all personally trained by proprietor, Michael Louca. We also carry a varied selection of fine shotguns and accessories for sale in our online store.

The Team

Under the guidance of Watson Bros owner, Michael Louca, with over forty years of experience - our team can tackle any problem.

Michael Louca

Owner & Gunmaker
Started my career in 1977, apprenticed atJames Purdey & Sons. As a barrel maker and then action filing which wasn’t enough for young Louca, Having lots of drive and ambition in his quest to design and build guns in 1985 started manufacturing guns for the trade and in 1989 bought Watson bros where all his designs including patent roundbody coffin shape side by sides, 4 bores, lightweight over unders with a unique ejector system. Hammer ejectors and now a revolutionary new over under ejector system with only two moving parts. Trains every gunmaker in Watson bros and now is the only London gun makers still owned by a gunmaker.

Ryan Glyde

Barrel Maker
Starting his apprenticeship at age 17, Ryan has already dedicated over half his life to Watson Bros. and has become a specialist in a barrels weight, balance and shape.

Alan Shew

With over forty years experience in the trade. Apprenticed at Holland & Holland and subsequently Purdey learning various actioning techniques then moving on to finishing. He joined us as an actioner helping develop our eclectic range of guns. From 4bore to .410" over under and now drop lock guns.

Gytė Gavėnaitė

PA and Marketing
With a professional photography background Gytė does our guns justice with her beautiful photography to show off all our efforts in design and manufacture. She also runs an efficient office and takes care of client services.
Bradley Topley

Bradley Topley

Started his journey at SEC college studying engineering then came to us to further his interest in fine mechanics. Now having completed his 4 year apprentice as a finisher and with a great eye for detail he is in his improving year where we give newly skilled craftsmen the opportunity to hone the skills they have learnt without the pressure of time.

Richard Rumbelow

Apprentice in Role of Ejector Work
Holds serjeant instructor rank in the army cadet force and is now sponsored by the gunmakers charitable trust having been accepted on his dedication and discipline. Now nearly two years into his apprenticeship as ejector-man and lock-maker he has shown he is a gifted craftsman who enjoys coming to work everyday and has become a valuable member of the team.

Archie Boniface

Apprentice in Role of Finisher
Probably the most committed person I have ever met to become a finisher/jobber in the trade. His dedication is astounding and a great guy to boot.
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