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Hammer Guns

The passion for hammerguns was ignited from getting my first Purdey Bar in Wood pigeon gun which I still own. I enjoy shooting the gun so much that I decided to design and manufacture a hammer ejector . People often asked well why not self cocking? Answer is very simple the romance of the hammergun is in pulling back the hammers.

This particular gun is made as a live pigeon gun, nice big flat top stipled rib with beavertail forend. Third grip and clips on the action for more support. The pistol gripped stock also helps to complete the stable platform for this type of shooting which is nowadays seen as a heavier load high bird gun. The gun also has original damascus extra barrels.

The models in production at the moment are:
12 bore 30" hammer ejectors with Damascus extra barrels if required. Safety or non safety fitted. Double or single trigger. Double beaded back.

From £75,000

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