Services & Repairs

Making the finest handmade guns in London also gives us the ability to repair and maintain guns by any best gunmaker offering our tradition of servicing and restoration of fine shotguns and rifles.


We can also advise on gun restoration, re-barreling or re-stocking of an older gun, as well as altering one to your specifications. As well as our own shotguns and rifles our craftsmen can care for your other best guns.

All work is carried out in our workshop where we provide a wide range of services required for the maintenance of your shotguns and rifles.


Owners of Watson Bros. shotguns and rifles are encouraged to regularly return them to the workshop to ensure they are kept in perfect order, maintaining not only their shooting performance but investment value.

Shooting nowadays is far more demanding on a gun compared to those Edwardian days. Cartridges are faster, loads heavier, days bigger thus allowing the gun to get much hotter and prone to wear.

This makes your end of season servicing far more important so please don’t delay and lets make all those important adjustments now.

After a thorough inspection the gun is totally stripped down by our finisher, cleaned and the action is treated to remove dirt and grime, and burnish any bright parts. When necessary, the pins are re-blued and a new protective lacquer is applied to the action. Meanwhile our in house stocker closely checks the stock and forend for any cracks.

Our barrel maker carefully inspects the barrels for any dents, bulges or loose ribs. The breech face is relined and the gun is reassembled. Before leaving the workshop the gun is given one final inspection by company owner to ensure all is well and the best work is being sent back to our clients.


  • Standard Service
  • Including all mechanical alternations necessary
  • Including new pins with engraving to match

Please call for pricing. 

Gun fit is really the be all end all of shooting and we can make your gun a perfect fit.

For the cost of a couple days pheasant shoot we can restock your gun to fit you perfectly. We will arrange to meet you for a professional gun fit at a shooting grounds. After we have your exact measurements you’re welcome to visit our factory and select from our vast selection of stock blanks. While you’re visiting you can meet the team and our stocker who will personally see to it that your gun is fit specifically for you.

With the wood of your choice we can turn that gun you love into something you can shoot with. We can stock anything from best sidelocks, competition over and unders to boxlocks.


  • Restocking a Single Gun
  • Restocking a Pair of Guns
  • Restore wood with best English oil finish
  • Re-chequering

Please call for pricing and note the cost of the wood is not included in any service prices. 


With over two hundred stock blanks in stock we have a wide selection for all your restocking needs.

You can view a small sample collection of both singles and pairs in our shop now.

From replacement barrels to a change in style preference we can help.

Whether it’s replacement barrels or sleeving our highly skilled team can make any new barrels to fit your gun with the weight and balance exactly as your require. So if it’s for modern steel shot, longer barrels or a simply a change in type of rib, please feel free to enquire to discuss all your specifications.


  • Re-barreling
  • Re-lay ribs and black
  • Dents
  • Black barrels

Please call for pricing.

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