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The Pigeon

There has always been a fascination for the pigeon gun, this was borne out of seeking an advantage against your competitors at live pigeon shooting, usually their was a lot of money at stake! 

To shoot fast and get a good sight picture a broad, higher than normal matted flat top rib was the order of the day this enabled the shooter to shoot high as the bird was always rising out of the trap, of course to guarantee a kill within the perimeter fence full choke would often be used.

Bigger cartridges and more pellets so 2¾" or 3" heavy loads were used. To make the gun strong enough side-clips and a third grip were required on the action. Of course with all this came the need for more weight. You can expect a side-by-side pigeon gun to be in excess of 7 ¼lb to give a stable platform for the shooter.

Nowadays the pigeon gun has seen a resurgence as a high-bird gun. They share the same characteristics in the field, but the pigeon gun has developed into being not just a heavy breeched with heavy load gun.  Today's pigeon gun has to have a certain style that goes with it.

30" barrels, high broad flat top matted rib, ¾ or full choke.
Third grip and clips on a larger action.
Single or double trigger
Stock to be pistol grip with long beaver tail for-end and probably adorned with heel and toe pieces. Some are auto safety option.
Carved breechends with heavy engraving.
Complemented with a deluxe case with canvas outer

From £55,000

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