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Watson Bros 4 Bore

Shooting the above Watson Bros 4 bore shotgun

Manufacturing a Best London Gun

Making a best gun is a straightforward process, each craftsman completes their apprenticeship in a specialised area with quality being of paramount importance.

Although our guns are progressive in style and mechanical ability we do have our factory in a typical production line system. With all our craftsmen being employed under one roof expertise is always available when you need it. 

A Best Watson Bros. Stock & Oil

Exhibition walnut comes as a standard on all Watson Bros guns. It takes many hours and perseverance to eventually find the best walnut for a Watson Bros gun. 

For every 30 blanks we buy, we generally have to look at approximately 1,000 pieces. 

Bespoke Hand Engraving

Our philosophy is very simple, by incorporating ornate styles of engraving in the cost it means every new gun represents the Watson Bros. name in a new light. 

Watson Bros. guns are easily recognisable because of our unique style, we also have a wide range of engraving styles and designs, mostly within the cost of the gun.

Our Side by Side Design

With our signature coffin shape taper on the back of the action, our roundbody side by side shotguns are distinctive in the field.

Our Unique Over and Under Design

Our registered design roundbody over and under, as featured at the Victoria & Albert museum in London, emphasises our distinct coffin shape taper on the back of the action.